vgm invest ag

vgm investi s building a large superstructure in Saanen. Since the first idea in 2003 Reichenbach Architekten ag is busy with the project and execution of the superstructure, the individual development of the flats and commercial premises, as well as the promotion. Meanwhile the first buildings stand and flats are now inhabited.

Saanen is the bijou of the villages in the region of Gstaad. The existing building structures are unique and belong to the protected townscapes of Switzerland. In autumn of 2010 the bypass road was opened, freeing the Village of Saanen from transit traffic. Saanen has thus developed into an even more appealing place, allowing its potential and quality of life to become more recognisable. The development is being built on the east entrance to the village. In 6 duplex houses and one triplex house approximately 80 apartments and 10 business spaces of various sizes are planned. An independent and lively residential estate is emerging, which nevertheless is still clearly recognisable as an expansion of the existing village.
The location of the buildings creates diversity of atmospheres, rooms and vistas, which are typical for Saanen.